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My main focus is creating modern, contemporary styles that can be used for everyday wear. Allowing for the perfect opportunity to style any outfit.

All of my jewelry is individually handcrafted out non-toxic of polymer clay and resin in my home studio located in sunny Los Angeles, CA 🌴.

By day I work as a full-time architect/interior designer, and by night I work as a jewelry/earring maker. I draw a lot of my inspiration from the world of architecture and design, and find myself attracted to a lot of the colors and prints used in many interior finishes ranging from carpets to marble counter tops.

I started Simplee Made Designs as a means of creative expression, a way of channeling my left-over creative energy into a process that in turn leaves me feeling more in-tune with myself. To ultimately give birth to something that has no boundaries, no structure or rules. Something truly authentic, free and uninhibited.

So, here’s to jewelry that makes you feel everything you already are. Bold, Proud and Beautiful.